Why I Love to Travel

Your tour host // Michael DeVolder

There are many reason I love traveling, but the main reason I am so passionate about travel is that leaving home can be about much more than taking a break to relax and recharge. It's also an opportunity to learn, to experience different cultures, different ways of life, different aesthetics and languages and traditions. If you are curious about the dynamism of the world, there is no better way to understand it than to see the place for yourself. Because in the hands of a expert, a simple vacation can become a life changing journey, an unforgettable adventure or an education unmatched in any class room.



St Peters Cathedial

​Venice...Gondola Ride

Sorrento, The Amalfi Coast

The Roman Colissium



Ashford Castle...You are
staying here!

Witness the ancient art of hunting & have a real Falcon land on your arm!

​Enjoy a pint or whiskey at one of the many quintessential neighborhood pubs​

Cliffs of Mohr


Blarney Stone


Buckingham Tours was conceived because of a true need to bring a curtain class of excellence to the small group tour market. (Small group tours meaning never more than 18 people per tour) We have all seen the parking lots full of huge motor coaches with people pouring out of them. This crush, this invasion, this swarm of people being lead around like drones is not the way to travel. Certainly, not our way.

With us, we want to be invisible to the locals, meaning we want to blend in and be welcomed. One of the many advantages of a small group tour is when it comes time to eating either lunch or dinner somewhere. With 18 people, we can get in to any small local restaurant without any trouble. (Go see if a motor coach of 55 people can say that)

Buckingham Tours' guiding principle is one of providing the most enjoyable and enriching travel experience for its customers. Buckingham Tours maintains an uncompromising commitment to offering the highest standards of product integrity and is renowned and trusted for its outstanding quality, service, value, reliability and financial stability. We understand that a Buckingham Tour is an investment of time, money and especially dreams, and we are committed to offering a unique travel experience with memories that will last a lifetime.

So please join us. My name is Michael DeVolder, I own the company and you have my guarantee that you will be glad you choose Buckingham Tours. I'll personally see to it.

There are a lot of advantages when you tour with us on a small group

Please Compare Us to the Rest

Please compare us with all the rest & Questions you should be asking yourself.

There lots of differences that set us far apart from our fellow friendly competitors, but four real reasons clearly stand out. The BIG Four.

1. Look at the actual days you are on tour in that country. Some Tour Operators count the day you left your home and the departure day back home, so on a 12 day tour you are actuality on a 10 day tour. It's deceiving saying you are on a 12 day tour.

2. Hotels...clearly set the tone of any tour. Please look carefully at the caliber of hotels. Are you staying out in the suburbs at a budget hotel or are you staying in the historic city center at a upscale Luxury Five Star Hotel.

3. Meals...are you eating dinners at real authentic local dinning establishments off a menu or are you eating back at the hotel at a 3rd floor temp buffet. And how many dinners are included.

4. We specialize in Small Group Tours where we escort only 18 guests per tour, unlike traveling with over 50 people in a swarm.

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