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We specialize in small group tours


Buckingham Tours was conceived because there was a true need to bring a certain class of excellence to the "Small Group Tour" market. Small Group Tours will never have more than 24 people per tour! We have all seen the parking lots full of huge motor coaches with people pouring out of them. This crush is like an invasion with a swarm of people being lead around like drones. This is not the way to travel. This is NOT the Buckingham Tours way to travel.

We really wish to be invisible to the locals. We want to blend in and be welcomed. One of the many advantages of a small group tour is when it comes time to eat lunch or dinner, with 24 people, we can get into any small local restaurant without any trouble. (Go see if a motor coach of 53 people can say that!)

Dinnertime with your "Tour Mates" could be the focal point of each day. It's the time you and your family or friends come together and talk about each exciting day. Culturally, it's no different than what people do in the country and towns you are visiting. To them, dinner could be a two or three-hour event. It's an important part of the day. It's about sitting down, relaxing and enjoying everyone's company. That's why Buckingham Tours will always take your dinner assignments extremely seriously. And we know you will as well.

Buckingham Tours has PERFECTED 5 very important aspects of your tour experience which we present to you as follows:

  1. We always adhere to the "Small Group Tour" niche of only up to 24 people per tour.
  2. Premium Luxury Tours to Italy and Scotland / Ireland, you will always be staying in the historic heart of the city in 5-star hotels. Deluxe Tours to Italy and Scotland / Ireland, you will always stay in deluxe hotels.
  3. You will always be able to eat as much as you want no matter where we enjoy OUR group dinner experience.
  4. You will have the very best tour experience possible because we have invested in the very best America-based Tour Directors. Each Tour Director is highly trained in the Buckingham Tours philosophy of making sure the guest has the very finest tour they could ever possibly imagine. With that, they are experts in local history, regional foods and wines and the perfect guest concierge 24/7. First and foremost, they strive to keep you safe while also making sure you have the tour of a lifetime.
  5. Lastly, we have a fantastic association with our local city guides. All are hand-picked and most grew up in the local town. After they are certified and have credentials from the country, all must pass a rigorous test from the city or town they are guiding in, and then lastly, they must pass our high requirements. Currently, we can say all guides we employ have an advanced college degree in history or other studies associated with the travel and tourism industry. In other words, you are getting the best of the best!

Message from our Founder

Mike Devolder

Michael DeVolder

Founder and Tour Host

Thank you for taking the time to view our tours. We would love to help you experience your dream vacation. Buckingham Tours will help make your trip easy and fun. Join us to create memories you will cherish for a lifetime.

My name is Michael DeVolder. I have been in the tourism industry for over 30 years and pride myself on making sure our guests leave with a smile and that they experience the trip of a lifetime. We never underestimate the time and expense you put into selecting a destination or tour.

You pour countless hours into researching where you want to go, what you want to see and what you want to do. All we strive to do is make sure you are safe and that we will show you an experience that exceeds your expectations beyond your wildest imagination.

I am a graduate of the prestigious International Guide Acadamy. Last year alone, I've spent over 90 days in Italy by myself and lead tours to France, Ireland, Scotland, the UK, NYC and DC, and in and around Florida where I live.

I am 59 years old and I have traveled the world extensively. I have a zest for life and love to have fun and be with people. My passion and primary goal is to make sure Buckingham Tours provides you with the tour experience of your lifetime. We do this right, so that you will return for another tour and you will share your experience with friends and family who may also choose our company for their next tour!

In addition to running my travel company, where my love and passion for Buckingham Tours has allowed us to provide remarkably stunning tours; I have also started a non-profit company called "Break the Cycle of Hunger" and we have traveled to Kenya and Tanzania many times, drilling deep fresh water wells and distributing tens of thousands of mosquito nets.

My hobbies have included racing open-wheel formula type cars, running marathons, long distance biking, parachuting and climbing mountains. As part of my bucket list, I plan to run with the bulls in Spain. I think life is an adventure! Please join us in exploring the beauty and magic of our various destinations. Your tour will be a trip you never forget - I promise!